IT Support Solutions for Every Situation.

Optimize, upgrade, or completely restructure your organization's IT.

Let Electric Power Your IT

Get Back to the Job You Were Hired to Do

Play a key role in developing IT infrastructure
Let Electric guide you through device procurement, setting up a firewall, and more.

Empower your employees with accessible, lightning-fast support
Electric supports 40,000+ users, providing real-time support in 10 minutes or fewer.

Save time on day-to-day IT management tasks
Let Electric do the heavy lifting when it comes to procuring devices, managing on/offboarding, and responding to sysadmin tickets.

Gain visibility into your IT infrastructure
One platform for visibility of device inventory, IT support tickets, and on/offboarding requests.

Partnering with Your Internal IT

Put Yourself Back in the Driver's Seat

Get low-level tasks off your plate
Shift your focus from juggling day-to-day requests to focusing on more strategic business priorities.

Leverage Electric’s professional services team
Deploy major IT projects at a fraction of the cost.

Strategically align with other departments
Streamline collaboration with your HR team by leveraging our IT and HR alignment platform.

Take your IT budget further
Ramp up a fully-loaded IT team without the fully-loaded costs.

Upgrade Your Outsourced IT

Gain More Value & Transparency

Get answers when you need them
With a response team that replies in 10 minutes or fewer, your end-users will be empowered and supported in navigating IT issues.

An IT partner you can rely on
From response to resolution, Electric is accessible, reliable, and solely focused on your business.

Transparency around your IT infrastructure
24/7 access to the Electric platform to view device inventory, IT support tickets, and on/offboarding requests.

Consistent and cost-effective
Make the most of your IT budget and resources without sacrificing quality.

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