Your true IT superpowers, unlocked

Your IT team is the hidden force that keeps your business moving at its highest potential. Think of Electric as your performance fuel.

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Uplevel your strategic impact

IT teams are meant to do more than simply troubleshoot problems and close tickets. With Electric’s productivity boosting tech and a team of IT support pros at your command, you’ll go from IT-ticket-taker to IT leader overnight.

Win hours back in your day

While our lawyers say we can’t call Electric a “Time Machine”, we do give IT pros more time back in their day. Offload your day-to-day IT chores to Electric, so you can focus on high-impact projects that influence your company’s bottom line.


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How Electric helps businesses grow

Most growing businesses hire in profit centers first. While new teams drive new revenue, they also bring more IT requests for you to handle with a lean team. Electric makes small in-house IT teams more efficient by taking cumbersome tasks off your hands and giving you efficiency boosting tools to manage your IT environment.

Pass off lower-level tasks while maintaining oversight

Our team of 100+ service desk technicians can handle IT support requests and issues across your entire organization. Instead of resetting that team member’s password for the 8th time, tell them to “Chat Electric,” instead. 

Our real-time support has:

  • Accessibility where teams already work (Slack or Microsoft Teams)
  • 10 minute or less initial response rate
  • Dashboard visibility into request volume & type
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Streamline employee onboarding and offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding processes are crucial to the health, security, and momentum of your business. But managing these requests can become a time sink. There’s a better way.

You control the parameters around which devices, applications, communication channels, and file access should be in each departmental profile.

Electric handles the task-work.

  • Procure and provision your devices
  • Manage application credentials
  • Handle file and cloud storage access
Outsourced IT Support for People Teams

Get on-demand support for strategic projects

Have an office move coming up? Need to update your network? Put the power of Electric’s Strategic Projects team to work. We’ll handle project discovery, scope everything out, and oversee execution. Best of all, you’ll have access to a dedicated project manager working under your leadership.

Whether in-person or remote, our team provides hands on support for:

  • Office moves
  • Network upgrades and build outs
  • Email and data migrations
  • Supported identify management platforms
  • Conferencing and hardware installations
  • Small onsite projects
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Standardize security and compliance

Our team and technology are at the forefront of security, privacy, and compliance best practices. Whether you need to roll out mobile device management (MDM) or achieve SOC II compliance, our security and compliance solutions will extend your bandwidth to get it done.

  • Standardize your device, network, and application security
  • Achieve and maintain compliance
  • Get access to security and compliance experts to advise on special projects
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Your IT team was meant to do so much more than basic grunt work that eats up time.

With Electric, you’ll get access to 100+ experts whose passion is supporting lean, in-house teams. See why we’re consistently rated as best in-class for remote IT support.

Their modern, data-driven approach is much more technically sound than their competitors.

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