Webinar: Cut the SaaS – Streamlining SaaS App Usage Within your Organization

Making Your SaaS Apps Work for You

When it comes to SaaS apps, not only is there an app to do just about anything — there’s at least four of them. So, when it comes time for a business to choose between the Asanas of the world vs. the Trellos, departmental alignment within your organization is key.

Join Electric, Intello and our panel of experts for a discussion around the current state of SaaS app management, what we can expect to see in the future, and how organizations decide which SaaS apps to implement within their organization.

This session will cover:

  • Centralizing apps within an organization
  • How to increase the visibility of SaaS usage
  • How to make this budget season painless for renewals and new app selection
  • Key trends to expect of SaaS in 2020
  • IT’s role in app adoption & security