Why Workhorse Marketing Chose Electric to Power Their IT

Workhorse Marketing leans on Electric to get time back for client-facing work and strategic initiatives. 

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Client Overview

Client Since: 2021

Industry: Marketing

Locations: TX

IT Situation Prior to Electric: De Facto

Employees Supported: 20

Devices Supported: 17

IT Challenges

– CTO was bogged down by requests, eating up 5-10 hours a week

– This time was being taken away from billable hours, business development, and strategic initiatives

– IT issues were preventing employees from completing billable work

Technology Supported

Electric supports Workhorse Marketing’s tech stack and devices.

Where they were looking for support

As the CTO of Workhorse Marketing, a small agency known for its strong digital/web department, Thomas Bacon already wears several hats. Not only is he responsible for managing his growing development team, he also serves as a critical part of the sales cycle for business development, and even handles billable work for clients. However, as Workhorse scaled, Thomas found it difficult to deliver on his key objectives, since, as the Chief Technology officer, common IT issues and day-to-day IT task management fell on him.

Managing the IT issues of his small team of 20 was eating up 5-10 hours each week. Whether it was picking up an employee’s laptop to take to the Apple store, managing MDM on his team’s devices, or handling the onboarding of new employees, Thomas found these issues often took priority over his other work. “If my team has IT issues and can’t work, then the org is losing billable hours. So I would have to drop everything to help. As a result, there were so many core projects and responsibilities, integral to my role, that I couldn’t get to.”

Though Thomas had evaluated Electric in the past, he hadn’t gotten the buy-in from his CEO, since the status-quo, to his CEO, appeared to be working just fine. But as the opportunity costs started piling up, Workhorse’s CEO eventually realized that Electric was the more cost-efficient option. Though Workhorse  had also evaluated a few alternatives, Thomas was impressed with how Electric dovetailed with his organization. “What I liked from the beginning was how Electric  was built with an understanding of how a modern organization works, integrating directly with our tech stack. Whereas the other options I evaluated felt more antiquated in their IT approach and more restrictive.”

After signing, Electric worked to take everything from on/offboarding and provisioning to troubleshooting support off of Thomas’ plate, so he could focus on more impactful work and his core responsibilities. “Now, the biggest thing that still takes up my time related to IT management is onboarding and offboarding – but that time has gone from several hours to 15 minutes.” With the time he’s gotten back, he’s been able to place his focus back on driving the needle in business development, and working on billable projects for clients. “Even just by giving me back around 10 hours a month where I can focus on billable projects instead of IT, Electric pays for itself. “

Even though Thomas is no longer in the weeds of IT, his team has still been able to maintain productivity. Electric’s team of 100+ IT technicians are a Slack message away, should anyone need IT support, with an initial response time of 10 minutes or less. “I’ve worked with IT vendors for many of our clients, and the experience working with Electric for me and the other Workhorse employees has been drastically better. Electric’s response SLA and professionalism has been quite different from what I’ve experienced. I don’t think anyone on our team has had a bad experience.”


About Workhorse Marketing:

Founded in 2003, Workhorse Marketing is a digitally focused full-service branding, marketing and website development agency. Their team of 18+ professionals operate with the same purpose – to provide high-quality services to their clients. Their combination of disciplined specialists, strategic orientation, creativity and culture yield strong client relationships and positive results.

Thomas Bacon


Since switching to Electric, I’ve been able to focus my energy on initiatives that drive my business forward, without sacrificing the productivity of my team. Even just by giving me back around 10 hours a month where I can focus on billable projects instead of IT, Electric pays for itself.