Supercharging IT for HR and People Teams

When you’re hiring and managing talent, you need to make a positive impression at every step of the way. Not to mention, you also need to be ready to execute on your security and compliance policy. Electric keeps these critical people-processes moving quickly.

People Management Platform

Get back to the people-side of your business

Your team deserves to shine for what it does best — supporting employees and growing your talent base. Setting up your team for success means unblocking everyone from operational IT work.

That’s where Electric comes in. We’ll handle everything from device procurement through credential management.

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Electric has taken off so much of my day-to-day when it comes to dealing with employee requests and tech issues and network problems. I can actually focus on my job, which is to do HR, rather than help someone who is locked out of their email because they forgot their password!

Kath F.
Operations Manager | Look Listen

Electric makes workplace experiences better

No more wasted time. Take busywork off everyone’s plate. Resolve business critical requests in a matter of minutes.

Here’s where Electric makes the biggest impact:

Onboarding and offboarding simplified

Everyone has access to exactly what they need, for every people management scenario.

  • Device procurement and provisioning
  • Application, software, file, and email alias access
  • Credential management
IT for HR

Procurement and provisioning handled

Your team gets their devices, provisioned and delivered directly to them, wherever they are.

  • Device and accessory orders placed on your behalf
  • Devices provisioned and de-provisioned per your specifications
  • Devices stored in a secure location at Electric HQ
  • Devices shipped to local and remote employees
  • Your team’s device requests managed
Provisioning for HR Teams

Seamless and secure departures

Team member transitioning out? No problem. Electric collects and wipes their device so it’s ready for the next team member.

  • Boxes and return labels coordinated for device returns
  • Devices deprovisioned remotely or onsite
  • Devices wiped and locked on your request
  • Google Drive data transferred to other accounts
  • Emails forwarded and calendar info shared with other accounts
  • Application credentials revoked
Offboarding Form

Centralized tracking and management

Need to see all of the onboarding details from last quarter? Want to check on the status of an offboarding you recently submitted? Electric makes it easy to pull reporting for important metrics and details.

  • Status of open onboarding and offboarding requests
  • Full audit trail of onboarding and offboarding requests made by your admins
  • Department-level view of access to email aliases, files, and applications
  • Executive view status updates
  • Task-by-task views of individual onboarding and offboarding progress
IT for HR in Platform

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