Electric Expands its Real-time Support to Microsoft Teams Users

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Electric Expands its Real-time Support to Microsoft Teams Users

Read Time: 3 minutes Published: April 30, 2020

Electric, the world’s leading remote IT solution, is excited to announce the expansion of its real-time IT support to Microsoft Teams users.

As part of its service, Electric provides chat-based, real-time IT support to its 300+ customers and their 15,000+ users. With a response time of 10 minutes or less, our 100+ IT technicians field 600+ tickets a day across a wide variety of requests including day-to-day troubleshooting, SysAdmin support, and access to files, applications, & hardware.

Up until this point, Electric’s real-time support was only available through Slack, requiring users to direct message Electric through the application to submit their support requests. But, thanks to advancements made in Electric’s proprietary ticket management & processing system, this service will now also be available through the Microsoft Teams app as of July 2020.

A step toward channel-agnostic user communication

With over 500,000 companies world-wide using Microsoft Teams as their business communication platform, it was the natural first choice for a real-time support expansion.

This expansion is the first step toward Electric becoming channel-agnostic in the way it communicates with and provides support to its users. Over the next several years, Electric plans to continuously expand the channels, chat, and otherwise, through which users can submit IT support requests.

What will be included in this first iteration of the release?

The first iteration of real-time support through the Microsoft Teams application will include much of the same functionality available to Slack users including:

  • Admins having the ability to self-select which tenant and teams they want Electric to support.
  • Chat directly with Electric inside your Microsoft Teams application, including sending attachments along with your message.
  • Proactive messages from our Electric IT technicians about actions that require admin attention such as upgrading devices that are on an EOL version of OS.
  • Electric will listen for “live updates” in Microsoft Teams to ensure that new team members are recognized as authorized users.
  • The Electric Platform, aka “Turbine”, will reflect the language specific to the business communication channel that a customer uses. Exp – Setting up permissions for “teams” for Microsoft Teams vs. for “channels” in Slack.
  • Real-time user satisfaction surveys allowing users to submit their feedback immediately as their ticket is closed.

While not immediately available in this iteration, here are some of the features Electric customers can look forward to in the second iteration of this release:

  • Automated greeting messages for new tenants and first-time Electric users within the Microsoft Teams application.
  • One-touch approval for admins who oversee team member file, application, & hardware requests.

When will this release be live?

Electric will begin supporting customers with Microsoft Teams in early July of this year. An exact date of release will be announced in mid to late June 2020.

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