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Electric Releases a Self Service Application Management Tool to Empower Users & Save Them Time

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Electric Releases a Self Service Application Management Tool to Empower Users & Save Them Time

Read Time: 4 minutes Published: May 1, 2020

Electric, the world’s leading remote IT solution, is pleased to announce the release of its Electric Self Service tool.

Through Jamf Pro, the premier mobile device management software for Apple devices, Electric has assembled a user-facing application catalog encompassing the applications that it supports for its customers. This catalog will allow users to self manage org-approved applications and access pre-selected, in-house resources. By empowering users to take action on their own as it relates to application download and update, Electric’s goal is to save its users and their admins time.

Electric Self Service will come automatically installed on the Apple Devices enrolled in an Electric managed Jamf Pro instance. The version that each customer has access to will be unique to their package offering, Jamf instance history, and the applications Electric supports for them.

Empowering users with secure control of their applications

Electric Users will be able to access Electric Self Service from the applications folder of their Apple devices. Once inside the catalog, a user will be able to:

  • Install organization-approved, third-party or in-house applications, software, printers, & OS upgrades
  • Instantly access pre-selected in-house resources such as websites, bookmarks, and shortcuts

All of which can be done on-demand, without having to slack Electric to submit a request.

Time savings for Electric admins

The intent of building the Electric Self Service application catalog? Create additional time savings for Electric admins and their users. If Apple device users have controlled, on-demand, access to self manage their business-critical applications and address quick fix issues, we are able to eliminate:

  • Lost productivity time having to submit a ticket and speak with an IT technician about application access or updates, printer, or download and for resolution of quick-fix issues.
  • Admins having to take the time to review and approve application access related requests for each of their team members.

While this does make Electric users more independent, Electric admins are still able to maintain control of their team member’s business system and resource access. In partnership with their Customer Success Manager, admins will designate which applications, software, printers, and OS, and in-house resources should live inside their user’s catalogs.

The standard version of Electric Self Service is available to Electric customers with Apple devices, at no additional cost.

Each Electric customer will automatically have access to the standard version of Electric Self Service which includes 3 applications (Chrome, Firefox, and Slack), so long as their devices are enrolled in an Electric managed Jamf Pro instance.

Existing Electric Customers who already have additional applications managed through Jamf will also see those applications inside their Electric Self Service too. As well, if a customer had an alternative Jamf Pro instance prior to signing with Electric, their Electric Self Service tool will also be populated by those applicants that were already installed in their Jamf Pro instance.

There is also an opportunity to customize Electric Self Service as an add on service.

Looking to customize the application library with your organization’s other business-critical applications? We can add any number of Electric supported applications to your Jamf Pro instance, which will then appear in your Electric Self Service Library. The cost will be determined by the number of applications requested and quoted in the same manner as Electric’s strategic projects, at an hourly rate. For more information, please speak with your Electric Customer Service Representative.

When will this tool be available to Current Electric Customers?

This tool is immediately available to both current and future Electric Customers who have a Jamf instance managed through Electric.

Current Electric customers with questions or who would like to discuss customization options, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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