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How North Carolina Businesses are Becoming More Efficient

How North Carolina Businesses are Becoming More Efficient

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: December 22, 2021

Running a small or medium-sized business in North Carolina? Trying to figure out the best approach to manage your organization’s IT more efficiently? Essentially, you have three options: an in-house team, a third-party service provider, or a combination of both. 

Having an external managed service provider (MSP) comes with several advantages that ensure your IT solutions are efficiently and effectively managed. It’s even more beneficial if your company doesn’t have tech experts or the necessary resources to onboard an in-house IT team. 

Managed IT services improve efficiencies by allowing businesses to outsource flexible and customized support. With the shift to remote and hybrid work, managed IT services have become even more critical to efficiency, powering everything from cybersecurity and real-time support to device management and on/offboarding for distributed workforces. 

And for businesses in North Carolina, these efficiencies are even more essential, as North Carolina continues to rank as one of the top five small business hubs in the country. The state maintains its number one position in Forbes’ Best States for Business ranking. With a highly educated population that makes up its overall workforce, North Carolina provides the perfect environment for SMBs to thrive, if they have the proper IT infrastructure and support in place. 

Demystifying Managed IT Services in North Carolina

Managed IT services refers to delegating critical IT management responsibilities to an external company. Managed services have grown in demand in recent years, and the market is projected to hit a value of $356.24 billion by 2025

By outsourcing the management of this critical aspect of your business, you’re putting an external company in control of different services such as infrastructure management, authentication, data backup, cloud storage, cybersecurity, network monitoring, system administration, and more.

Your managed service provider should offer troubleshooting solutions, perform disaster recovery operations, monitor systems, and deliver general support. They can also manage employee on and offboarding, as well as your inventory of wireless and mobile devices to aid smooth communication and software configurations. 

How Your North Carolina Business Can Benefit From Managed IT Services 

If you’re contemplating Raleigh IT Support, or any IT support in North Carolina, you’re going to want to consider these advantages, including:

Reduced Operational Costs

Running an in-house IT team is expensive. Regardless of their overall monthly output, employees must be paid their monthly salaries and allowances, plus any associated overhead costs. Onboarding and training a staff also requires time and money. Outsourced IT professionals come already trained, experienced, and fully equipped for the job, cutting down on your operational costs. With outsourced managed services, you can save on: 

  • Training and consulting
  • Licensing and compliance requirements
  • Emergency technical repairs

Prompt Responses

In today’s busy business world, employees can’t afford to be slowed down by technical hitches and downtime, especially during peak business hours. That’s why you need reliable, round-the-clock support to ensure smooth operations and an ever-productive team. Working with a managed service provider gives you access to support at any time of the day, any day of the week, throughout the year.

Proven Expertise and Experience

An outsourced managed service provider is composed of top-notch IT administrators with the required skill sets, eliminating the need for a lengthy vetting and hiring process for internal IT employees. Working with a third-party company also allows your North Carolina business to capitalize on the latest technology on the market, most of which you can quickly and smoothly implement.

Proactive Monitoring And Troubleshooting

Besides having access to their expertise and skills, working with managed service providers also gives you access to proactive solutions. Professional IT monitoring enables you to detect and prevent issues before they become serious problems. Not only do these experts offer quick and timely responses, but they also ensure business continuity and minimal downtime.

Cybersecurity Support

Having your IT operations managed by third-party professionals who are well versed in PCI compliance helps avoid risks associated with credit card use, client information, and other sensitive data leakages. Managed service providers often have proven security strategies that set your business up to par with the required security standards. 

Direct Contact With a Single Vendor

Keeping and maintaining a list of different vendors for every IT-related service can be daunting and impractical. However, working with an IT service provider allows you to maintain a single point of contact to access the necessary equipment and software. It also allows you to pay a reasonable rate for the best software in the market from a single vendor.

Find The Right IT Support For Your Business In North Carolina

Although most small businesses thrive in favorable environments like North Carolina, it’s always wise to invest in efficient IT that will support you as you scale. Working with a third-party IT service company helps you address challenges, meet demands head-on, and access the best technologies as they emerge. Contact Electric today to learn more about our IT services for businesses in North Carolina.

Jessica Farrelly

Jessica is a content writer with more than 8 years of experience covering SaaS and the tech industry. She has worked with both B2B and B2C publications across North America, Europe, and APAC and currently writes about IT Solutions or Electric.

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