How To Handle An Office 365 Data Migration

There are plenty of reasons why small to midsize companies are choosing Office 365 to support the foundations of their business. Office 365 comes with the familiar Office productivity applications which have been perfected over the last 35 years and can be used both on and offline through PC, phone, and browser. With a variety of plans for businesses, companies have the flexibility of tailoring their Office 365 experience to their needs, and all plans come with enterprise-grade privacy and security to protect company data.

Whether you are planning to migrate data to or from Office 365, having a data migration project plan is vital so your business can experience Office 365 to its fullest potential right away. Here are some tips on how best practices for handling your company’s data migration.

It’s Time to Migrate

Plan Ahead

Depending on how many users you want to switch over to a new system or how much data you plan on transferring, data migration may require a few days rather than a few hours. Make sure to plan ahead. Look over at what type of data you are storing and the data you want to move. It’s also crucial to backup your data before starting the migration process.

Organize Your Data

Assess what types of data you plan to migrate over to Office 365. If you are migrating your data in phases, organize your data from the most relevant data that is required for current projects and operations to legacy data. To declutter your new system, consider whether or not it’s necessary to migrate years of legacy data to the new system, or if you can archive it for retrieval when you actually need it.

Delegate Responsibilities

Have managers and department leads assess their department data before you start migrating. Working together can help facilitate an easier migration process, and it’s ideal for company data to be organized by the people who understand it most.

Top Office 365 Migration Tools for Peace of Mind

It’s one thing to plan for data migration, and it’s another to actually do it. Luckily, there are many ways to facilitate the process, and you can find an Office 365 data migration tool to fit your migrating needs. Many of them offer checklists to make sure you cover all your bases through this important transition. Here are a few top choices for Office 365 migration.

Cloud Migrator GO: Small businesses can use Cloud Migrator GO to migrate data either to or from Google and Office 365. While there is a downloadable version of Cloud Migrator that is great for larger data migrations, Cloud Migrator GO is its SaaS-based version that is easier to use for less complex migrations. In just five simple steps, you can manage your whole migration with the same security guarantee as Cloud Migrator.

Skykick: Skykick is an Office 365 Migration tool that allows you to transfer data from Exchange, POP3/IMAP, and Google. Their automated migration tool helps SMBs plan and manage all the vital data migration steps for a smooth transition. After migrating to Office 365, they also offer a cloud backup suite to help companies protect company data for the future.

Migration Wiz: Migration Wiz was designed to help companies migrate their data without any specialized training. Project sharing allows multiple users to collaborate on the migration process. That means all department heads and managers can stay on the same page as they oversee the migration process together.

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration: CodeTwo is a Microsoft Gold Partner who offers a reliable tool to help securely move users over to Office 365. You can split the migration process up into different phases and schedule each phase for different times that won’t interrupt your daily operations. Each migration phase is also followed up by a detailed report so you can stay up to speed throughout the migration process.

As a small business, it’s important to know that your data is secure and intact, especially when you’re migrating it to a different platform. Assessing your data, making sure everything is backed up, and migrating your data can be a huge task to undertake, and Electric is here to help you through the process.

Whether you are migrating to Office 365, from Office 365, or migrating data between any other cloud-based suite, we can make sure it’s done right and in a timely manner. To learn more about how Electric can help support all of your IT needs, schedule a demo with an IT specialist today!

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