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How To Upgrade The Remote Management of Office Security

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How To Upgrade The Remote Management of Office Security

Read Time: 3 minutes Published: October 27, 2021

As the world evolves in the wake of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid and remote offices are becoming more prevalent. With this change, offices and facilities need to be more dynamic, which includes the ability to manage physical security from anywhere. Yet, many businesses don’t possess the technology to meet this new demand. By making the necessary adjustments, businesses can remain competitive in a changing marketplace.

4 Ways to Improve Remote Management of Office Security

The following four methods can help businesses improve the remote management of office security:

1. Cloud-Based Management

Using cloud-based access control provides management with greater control over a variety of locations by operating from an off-site server. Without the demand for an in-person visit, a burden is removed from managers, who have administrative access to the secure server and are able to update employee or other user credentials remotely.

Additional satellite uplinks allow a greater coverage of locations, allowing managers to maintain or even improve physical security of their offices.

2. Mobile Credentials

Handling keycard access for visitors has become an increasingly complex operational burden in a remote world and can create security risks. Programming cards for new visitors and dealing with the complications of lost keycards is a major time-sink.

Mobile Access Control is a new ID method that uses an employee’s own smartphone, linked to their identity and credentials. It can be used to unlock doors and provide access to secure locations as well as your other typical features (think accessing the vending machine, too) while also minimizing the risk of security compromise that comes with a physical keycard system.

This methodology also allows companies to streamline their security so that the system will function the same for any of their facilities, saving a lot of headaches for employees who travel from place to place.

3. Visitor Management

A better method for handling remote visitors is to use a video intercom for businesses interlinked with control access systems. A visual of the visitor– whether it is a client, member of the cleaning staff, or someone else– will help a person in a remote location identify them and grant access upon approval.

They can then be provided a tailored mobile PIN or other mobile credentials that grant specific access based on their needs or even limit that access to provide additional physical security to the offices. Also, with visitor management data available in the cloud, a contact can be traced if necessary.

4. Cybersecurity Proactivity

Trying to find ways to adapt and provide better physical security can feel overwhelming. There are so many options available, and it takes time and research to understand how different products and services can help businesses stay current in an ever-evolving world.

Proactivity can help meet this demand, and there are experts in the field such as Swiftlane who have already done the research on adapting remotely, and can provide the knowledge and equipment necessary for a smooth and efficient transition into the modern age of remote work. It doesn’t have to be difficult to perform invaluable upgrades to efficiency and quality.


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