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Introducing Electric’s Redesigned Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Introducing Electric’s Redesigned Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: November 10, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of our redesigned Employee Onboarding and Offboarding functionality in the Electric Platform. This redesign includes a new sleeker, user-friendly interface and a variety of new features that allows you to customize your onboarding and offboarding requests. Wanna see these changes in action? Check out our release video.

The Electric Platform, also known as Turbine, is Electric’s proprietary product that provides single pane of glass visibility into the health of your organization’s IT environment and the ability to manage your applications, networks, and devices all in one place.

Taking onboarding and offboarding from 8 hours to 7 minutes

Prior to using Electric, our customers were, on average spending 8+ hours executing an employee onboarding or offboarding requests. Imagine an entire day of your team member’s week dedicated just to purchasing hardware and software, setting up accounts and permissions, and provisioning a device for 1 employee. And that’s if you have an organized process for managing these requests…. Often times in lieu of a process there are manual spreadsheets, countless back and forth chats or emails, and very frustrated HR, Operations, IT, and even Finance team members.

When we introduce Electric’s onboarding and offboarding request forms in Turbine to our customers they simply fill out the form and Electric handles the rest. 7 minutes of their day to ensure an employee is set up for success technologically on their first day or to secure their data and hardware as employees depart. That’s a pretty good deal.

Inspired by Our Customers

We are thrilled to provide our customers with time savings and an established process for managing employee onboarding and offboarding but recognized that we couldn’t stop there in evolving this tech. Since we began offering this service, Electric has executed 35,000+ onboarding and offboarding requests on behalf of our customers. And, we’ve come to understand that no two onboarding or offboarding requests are the same – they vary by department, role type, and beyond.

So how do we offer more flexibility in the onboarding and offboarding request process? We’ll we did several weeks of customer listening tours and the following topics popped up consistently:

  • Needing increased visibility into the status of requests – especially at the task level

  • Wanting to communicate provisioning and shipping needs directly in the form vs. with agents over slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Looking for more options to customize the tasks for each onboarding or offboarding request

    Offboarding Task List

New Options to Customize Your Onboarding or Offboarding Requests

We translated the common feedback and friction points to additions to our forms that would be most impactful for our customers. So, the next time you log in to make an onboarding or offboarding request you’ll be able to:

  • Customize welcome email delivery – Select where, when, and at what time welcome emails are sent.

  • Specify which inventory you want devices procured from – Tell us exactly where you want in-stock devices pulled from – your devices stored at Electric’s HQ or your organization’s own device inventory.

  • Add remote shipping details right into your request – If you want Electric to ship a device directly to a remote employee, you can input the address directly into the form.

  • Specify how you’d like provisioning handled – Select how you want provisioning handled – remotely, at Electric’s HQ, via auto-enrollment, or by your own team.

  • Specify how you’d like de-provisioning handled – Tell us how you’d prefer data and software on your departing employee’s device to be dealt with – completely wipe the device or simply wipe the user account.

  • View all requests tasks on one page before hitting submit – We’ve added a new task list page as the last step of each request that allows you to view, edit, add and approve all request tasks in a single space before hitting submit.

  • Get notified of request status – We now have optional notification reminders for onboarding completion, upcoming offboarding, and offboarding completion that you can set up for yourself or any other team member.

  • Tasks are now becoming automated due to SaaS integrations – As we expand our integrations with your organization’s SaaS applications, more and more request tasks will become automated. Today, we integrate with your Google and Okta accounts so 17+ tasks including account creation or email forwarding are already automated!

What else can we expect from Electric Product Releases in 2021 & Beyond?

As a rapidly growing organization, our product and engineering teams are hard at work advancing our technology to meet customer needs. Want to stay in the know when it comes to Product Release Updates? Subscribe to our blog below. You’ll be able to reach about current releases and upcoming ones each month.

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