Jamf: Ask your IT MSP for it by name

Electric is reinventing how businesses manage their IT security, support, and devices. Jamf is a key part of our solution. In fact, by incorporating Jamf Pro and its zero-touch integration, meaning devices are automatically enrolled, configured, and deployed efficiently, Electric reduced average deployment time by 80 percent. But any organization with Apple hardware should be looking at Jamf, even if you don’t outsource your IT to Electric! Here’s everything you need to know about your new favorite IT device management tool and its capabilities.

What is Jamf?

Jamf, created in 2002, is a management tool for Apple iPhones, Macs, iPads and AppleTVs. Jamf enables Electric to customize, configure and secure them – and we don’t even have to be there in person to do it! Jamf features include zero-touch deployment, app distribution, device customization, automated inventory management, and making sure devices always have the latest security updates. Jamf also hugely eases the process of managing “BYOD” when employees bring their personal devices to the office network.

Jamf’s cloud-based tools scale to meet the needs of any size business, government institution, or school. Today, 20 of the Top 25 Fortune 500 companies and over 14,000 schools worldwide rely on Jamf to manage over 13 million Apple devices.

What devices does Jamf support?

Jamf supports Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Jamf uses a server app which can run on Linux, Windows or macOS – so you don’t need to buy Mac servers just to manage Macs. (Or, of course, you can just have Electric deal with it all instead.)

Is Jamf secure?

Yes, Jamf uses Apple’s own secure, native mobile device management (MDM) with end-to-end encryption.

Most Apple devices have a built-in MDM framework with two core components: “configuration profiles” and “management commands”. These components are kept private through a constant, secure connection to Apple’s servers. Through Jamf’s MDM framework, Electric can define actions, commands, settings, configurations, and apps, while managing and protecting user data.

At Electric, security is foundational to everything we do. We use the Jamf framework to support device, application, and network security. Breaches and vulnerabilities are real, even with Apple products, so we use Jamf to proactively eliminate any security concerns.

What is Jamf Pro?

Jamf Pro, previously Casper Suite, lets us automate the processes and workflows related to handling our clients’ Apple devices. With robust management and customization tools, we can maximize both our time and the user experience. This means increased efficiency and productivity for everyone.

Jamf Pro offers everything we need here at Electric, including:

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Customized device management
  • Pre-configured app management
  • Automated inventory
  • Intuitive user maintenance
  • Up-tp-date security features

Jamf Now is the scaled-down version of Jamf Pro. You can still remotely configure, manage, and protect your devices, so it’s a great option for small business MDM.

How Electric uses Jamf and why we love it

Here at Electric, we knew we needed a great MDM tool, and Jamf has proven to be it.

“The choice to go with Jamf was easy. They focus on the developer community and provide a wealth of APIs, which is critical for a company like ours to build on. Jamf provides the ecosystem to develop and innovate on their platform, which was the most important thing for us.”

We started out with a need to eliminate the manual steps associated with deploying hundreds of devices each month. With Jamf’s zero-touch deployment, we are able to configure devices so that customers are ready to go immediately, without having to touch a box. Jamf has been an asset to both our efficiency and our customers’ success. We look forward to continuing to work with Jamf software, and we hope you find it as helpful as we have!

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