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What is Jamf?

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What is Jamf?

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: December 18, 2020

Handling your different devices can be a difficult task, but for small and medium-sized businesses, juggling workers’ iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices may distract you from delivering in your primary job. Jamf helps companies address this problem. The affordable cloud-based solution simplifies mobile device management, allowing you to focus your productivity on your daily tasks.

Incorporating the solution allows for zero-touch integration capability. Here, device enrollment, configuration, and deployment will be done automatically. Companies that leverage Jamf experience a reduction of 80% in the average deployment time.

Read on to learn what Jamf entails and how you can leverage it to achieve efficient mobile device management at your organization.

What Is Jamf?

In essence, Jamf is a mobile device management solution for Apple devices like Macs, iPads, iPhones, and AppleTVs. Businesses and individuals use it to pre-configure and set up new devices, enhancing OOBE (user out of box experience).

Besides this, Jamf can be ideal if you want to re-purpose, reset, and recover computers and mobile devices. This is the primary purpose of Jamf, and it’s been doing this since it was created in 2002.

Electric uses the cloud-based solution to configure, customize, and secure the devices, and we don’t have to do the job on-premise.

Is Jamf Secure?

Yes, Jamf uses Apple’s own secure, native mobile device management (MDM) with end-to-end encryption. In fact, many people say that Jamf stands for “Just Apple’s Management Framework”, although the true meaning of Jamf hasn’t been confirmed.

Most Apple devices have a built-in MDM framework with two core components: “configuration profiles” and “management commands”. These components are kept private through a constant, secure connection to Apple’s servers. Through Jamf’s MDM framework, the user can define actions, commands, settings, configurations, and apps, while managing and protecting user data.

At Electric, where security is a primary consideration in all our activities, the Jamf framework comes in handy in supporting network, application, and device security. Jamf supports tvOS devices (Apple TV), macOS computers (iMacs, MacBooks, etc.), and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone).

What does Jamf do?

Here are 5 things that Jamf does:

1. The Industry Standard for Apple Device Management

Jamf is the only device management solution of its kind that’s exclusive for iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices. It might as well be referred to as the Apple expert for education, commercial, or government establishments. The various products in this suite allow for seamless setup and deployment of devices, all offered in a single consolidated solution.

2. Cloud-Based Mobility

Jamf Now is the ideal solution for small and medium enterprises as it empowers setting up, protecting, and managing devices right from one product. Apple users now enjoy simpler mobile device management since the time-consuming set-up procedures in both macOS and iOS have been eliminated.

3. Device Management Tool for The Pros

This is the ultimate EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) tool for your users. Jamf Pro features application and device management, deployment, security capabilities, inventory collection, and more. It can work with the existing IT infrastructure for streamlined management.

The solution drives creativity and productivity through automated device logistics. With it, you can effect a straightforward process for users to get the different Apple and macOS devices up and running, thanks to a unified, powerful management system.

4. Enhanced Identity Management

In the current world, where mobile devices are used for almost every task, configuration is vital as workers handle their functions in cloud-based work environments without connecting to the corporate network.

With Jamf Connect, you’ll regain control since it offers you the flexibility to remotely and centrally manage passwords, groups, and users. You also enjoy access to corporate cloud resources and applications that offer an advanced security and identity approach.

5. Mac-Exclusive Endpoint Protection

Corporate security is among the most rapidly transforming landscapes. As such, one size will not fit all, and conventional tools may fail to offer the appropriate visibility necessary to thwart the complex enterprise threats of today.

Jamf Protect was developed natively on the iOS architecture to offer deep visibility into any operations or threats at the endpoints. It has a dashboard, extensive reporting, and real-time alerts on the built-in security framework for macOS. With all these, you’ll be the first person to identify any suspicious activities.

What is Jamf Pro?

Previously known as Casper Suite, Jamf Pro offers excellent features for automating the workflows and processes of handling our customers’ devices. Electric leverages the robust customization and management tools to maximize time and user experience. The result is increased productivity and efficiency.

Some of the excellent features of Jamf Pro are:

  • Tailored device management
  • Automated inventory
  • Enhanced security capabilities
  • Pre-configured management for apps
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • In-built user maintenance

How Electric Uses Jamf

With many years in business, Electric understands the importance of efficient mobile device management. Jamf has proven to be the ideal tool for this job.

We preferred this solution because it focuses on the developer community. It also offers a great deal of crucial APIs that companies like us can build on. Furthermore, Jamf provides the ideal ecosystem to innovate and develop on their platform, a critical feature for us.

We began with the need to get rid of the tedious, manual deploying process of hundreds of devices every month. We now leverage the zero-touch deployment feature to configure devices. This way, customers will be ready to go straightaway, and they don’t have to touch any box.

Electric has always relied on Jamf as a useful asset for efficiency and our clients’ success. Contact us today for more information on how you can use it to enhance mobile device management at your organization.

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