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Running my previous company in San Francisco in 2013, I wrongly assumed that IT was an outdated and unnecessary concept for a modern company. We use Apple computers! We’re all tech-savvy! Nothing breaks! The cloud! I could go on. Once we got to about 30 employees the responsibilities started to pile up:

  • Who’s going to set up computers for all the new hires? What software should we put on them? How do we revoke access if someone leaves?
  • How do we manage administrative access to all of our documents and apps?
  • What happens if we get hacked? How do we prevent from getting hacked?
  • The wi-fi is what?

One evening I started Googling stuff like “IT startups” “modern IT platform” “Zenefits for IT” - nothing. I couldn’t believe that the only solution was going on Yelp, finding a local consultant, and dealing with the most out of date, old-fashioned, inefficient processes to get this stuff done. Crazier still, it became clear that even small businesses like mine were continuing to buy and use more technology. Technology forms the backbone of all the work we do - somebody needed to fix this.

"Servicing IT requests in real-time is something that business owners really love, because we’re solving problems immediately." - Ryan Denehy, Founder & CEO

And so it began...

Fast-forward a few years, and I was back in NYC and still nobody had tried to solve this problem. Nobody had tried to build a modern approach to IT for businesses. Of all the things in the world I could do, I decided to focus the vast majority of my waking hours to “solving the IT problem” and quickly assembled a team of entrepreneurs, experts, engineers and investors to tackle it our way:

  1. Lightning-fast response times
  2. Intelligent and proactive support
  3. Total cost transparency
  4. PLUS, cost effectiveness and scalability for even small to mid range companies who have specific IT needs that wouldn’t be effectively addressed by a full time hire or an enterprise level IT solution

We’re thrilled to be helping every one of our customers run better businesses with better technology.

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