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The Ultimate List of the Best Slack Integrations for SMBs

The Ultimate List of the Best Slack Integrations for SMBs

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: March 11, 2019

Some may view Slack as a simple communication tool to keep in touch with co-workers, and while that is true, Slack is so much more than that. Small to medium-sized businesses love Slack because it takes away the pain points of waiting around for internal emails and keeping all the right people in the loop. It also helps keep office communication organized and efficient; in addition to real-time messaging, team members can easily share files and make audio or video calls, too.
Another great aspect of Slack is its ability to integrate with other apps and programs. Your business is probably already using great tools that help run your business, like Trello, Google Drive, or Salesforce, but it can be difficult to oversee everyone using a variety of systems to achieve different goals. By integrating all of those tools with Slack, Slack then becomes the one-stop-hub for all of your company’s organization, productivity, and communication. Still not convinced? Here are a list of the best Slack integrations small and medium-sized businesses are currently loving.

Staying Productive

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Trello is a simple and user-friendly digital Kanban board where you can organize your office’s tasks and projects. When integrated with Slack, you can add new Trello cards directly from Slack without having to navigate between apps. You can also attach Slack conversations to Trello cards.

Just as Slack aims to simplify communication, Asana was designed to simplify team-based work management. When integrated with Slack, you can turn your communication into actionable items within Asana. You can also create new tasks in Asana straight from your Slack app, and receive notifications within Slack about tasks you are following or assigned to.

Stay Engaged

SalesForce is the leading customer relationship management software, with applications for sales, service, and marketing. Once integrated, you can search through Salesforce within Slack, and share results with your Slack channels.

ZenDesk offers a support ticketing system that helps business’ track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. Slack creates a single space to bring all of your customer support interactions together; this allows everyone on the customer service team to better work together to deliver the best service to customers. Through Slack, you can create tickets and internal notes, get real-time notifications on new and existing tickets, and ensure that the right teams are aware of relevant customer issues.

Driving employee engagement from Slack is now possible with Empuls. The integration is robust and exclusively designed for companies using Slack to build a ‘people first’ culture. While the Slack-Empuls integration provides a frictionless experience to employees, it is beneficial for employers too. Be it peer-to-peer appreciation, recognition, sending surveys, employee rewards, or perks, a lot is possible with this native integration.

Cloud-Based Filing & Storage

Google Drive is already a favorite amongst businesses for sharing and storing files, and with Slack, collaboration is as streamlined as ever. With Slack, you can create new files with any of Google’s productivity apps, import Google Drive files into your Slack channel or a direct message, and search for Google Drive files right in Slack. You can also grant access to files and get updates in Slack of any changes in the Drive.

DropBox is another leading file hosting service that many SMBs rely on. Use Slack to share files with your channels or relevant co-workers, easily search for files, and Paper doc collaboration. Slack will also remember your file sharing preferences, so you can share your Dropbox files knowing that only the right people have access.

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service that comes with Microsoft Office 365. When integrated with Slack, you can import, search, and share OneDrive files with your channels and team members.

Getting To Know You

Donut is an app that pairs up team members for coffee or lunch so that everyone in the office can get to know each other better. After all, who says the best Slack integrations have to be all about work and not play? With Slack and Donut, your office can encourage better collaborations and a more positive work environment.

HeyTaco! is another simple tool to help build stronger teams in your office. Everyone gets five tacos to share a day to show praise and appreciation toward their fellow co-workers. It’s a very simple way to have fun and brighten up everyone’s day.

Caviar is a food-delivery service, and now you can use Slack to organize team orders for weekly meetings or team hangouts. Just pick a restaurant, share it with your Slack channel, and have the team members choose their orders — the Caviar Food Bot will do the rest!

As you can see, Slack has an excess of app and integration offerings that can help fulfill your company needs exactly the way you want. While the ones we’ve mentioned are some of the best Slack integrations out there, there are so many more that could make a big difference for your business. Whether it’s HR, IT, marketing sales, project management, or something else, Slack can help bring all these tools together to help your office work happily and efficiently. Check out the full Slack App Directory!

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