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What is Kaseya?

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What is Kaseya?

Read Time: 7 minutes Published: January 7, 2021

Recent events have brought endpoint security into sharp focus now more than ever, as more businesses continue to hone in on best practices for remote work. But securing the various endpoints can be a tricky affair when it comes to off-network or remote devices connected via the internet. A recent study shows 71% of companies are very concerned that remote workers are putting the organization at risk for a data breach.

Securing your endpoints, such as computers, servers, and other specialized computing hardware, requires special systems that provide security patches to seal any loopholes in their software products. This is especially critical considering that users have disclosed more than 12,000 software vulnerabilities so far.

If you need a reliable solution for your endpoints, you may want to consider Kaseya, an efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM) program for endpoint management and network monitoring.

What is Kaseya?

Kaseya is a software that provides a single framework for maintaining the IT policies of your company and helps you manage your remote endpoints. It gives you the ability to monitor the situation, provide patching updates to enhance the security of your IT infrastructure, and control endpoint systems remotely.

Kaseya software solves the challenge many systems administrators have faced when maintaining the network of their PCs. There is always that employee who tries to circumnavigate the firewall, so they can watch some DIY, and dire warnings have done little to discourage this practice. Install the Kaseya Agent and this problem would be a thing of the past.

What is Kaseya VSA?

Kaseya VSA is a remote monitoring and management (RMM), endpoint management and network monitoring solution.

Kaseya’s state-of-the-art technology offers visibility and control of remote and distributed PC environments within one integrated IT management solution. Developed with the technician experience in mind, Kaseya VSA provides an RMM/endpoint management experience with all essential IT management functions in a single pane of glass.

With Kaseya VSA you can:

  • Discover and monitor all your assets; view endpoint connectivity in the network topology map
  • Automate software patch management
  • Automate common IT processes and auto-remediate incidents
  • Leverage remote endpoint management to quickly resolve issues

What is Kaseya BMS?

Kaseya BMS is a business management solution (BMS) built specifically to help MSPs spend less time on non-revenue-generating tasks like billing and project management.

A Professional Services Automation platform, Kaseya BMS provides an easy-to-use interface without compromising with the level of depth and customization required to meet the various business objectives of different teams. Kaseya BMS is equipped with solutions for: project management, CRM, time tracking and billing, inventory, finance and billing, and service desk.

Is Kaseya secure?

Kaseya provides a secure environment for managing your remote workstations through various strategies. One reliable and efficient strategy is the 2-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA provides a second layer of protection to your applications by asking users to provide a password and a second token to gain access.

Your credentials, and those of your remote teams, are lying somewhere on the Dark Web, and cybercriminals can find them. But they won’t be able to access your network with the passwords alone if you have enabled the 2FA on your systems. People with stolen credentials too won’t be able to access your systems with the passwords alone.

Kaseya has all the capabilities you need for remote management of your endpoints. These features include seamless remote access, high visibility, security, and automated patching and vulnerability management, among others.

What does Kaseya do?

Here are the top five features of Kaseya:

1. Automatic patching and management

Kaseya’s software relieves your staff of the pressure to continually check for and install new updates if, and when they are available. It allows for automatic scanning and patching of your software without interrupting your IT staff. The updates run in the background silently, or your staff can schedule them to launch at a time of their convenience, such as after working hours.

The high level of automation provided on the Kaseya platform is the reason people are migrating from other platforms. Elliot Stirn, an IT Managed Services Supervisor at Circle Computer Resources, attributes his move to ditch SolarWinds N-central to the more powerful level of automation at Kaseya.

2. Flexible scheduling of scripts

Scripts play an important role in the automation of the Kaseya software. Kaseya stores the scripts in a central location so every computer on the network can access them. But it separates server scripts and network scripts to make things easier for your IT teams. Different computers on your network can access the scripts in a round-robin fashion to avoid inconveniences on the network.

Kaseya VSA provides more than 500 pre-built scripts that include minor sets, agent procedures, templates, reports and other types of automation. You can also join the Kaseya Automation Exchange for sharing and exchanging these scripts so you can automate your software platform to the specific requirements of your business.

3. Manages System Costs Effectively

There is no doubt that Kaseya can revolutionize the way you manage your systems. The process of automation reduces the costs of operation in several ways. You won’t need extra resources to monitor, control, and install any updates since Kaseya takes care of everything automatically. It monitors your endpoints and determines if any terminal requires patching or updates, and installs them silently in the background.

Kaseya is more cost-effective compared to other software platforms because you can manage everything from one central location. This means that you won’t need too many locations for managing all your remote endpoints. You would need only one individual to oversee the network and have everything running smoothly.

4. Employs the latest technology

Kaseya avails a host of new features to improve your experience managing, monitoring and controlling your remote endpoints. They include patented Kaseya connection algorithms, MS IIS, SQL Server, Kaseya Patented Virtual System Administration methods, TCP/UDP, and a host of other technologies. Make use of these technologies to help your team take your RMM strategy to the next level.

5. Adds greater value than domain-bound technology

While domain-based or agentless technologies may appear more suitable, they can manage only a single network with visible resources on the corporate LAN or WAN. As such, they require additional resources to be able to manage endpoints in remote locations. Kaseya, even with its agents, doesn’t require any additions.

Kaseya agents form their own secure TCP connections to the server, and are lightweight in nature. They don’t add any pressure on the existing resources because of the high level of automation. This means that Kaseya is more secure than agentless technologies, without the need for port mapping schemes and address management at each site, or the need for a dedicated VPN.

Your business needs an efficient software system to manage your remote endpoints, which may become the target for cybercriminals now more than ever. Kaseya offers great levels of automation and the latest technology to secure your remote connections by ensuring constant patching to seal off any emergent loopholes. If you need more information, please contact us today.

Electric has always relied on Kaseya as a useful asset for efficiency and our clients’ IT success. Contact us today for more information on how you can use it to enhance mobile device management at your organization.

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