What’s New @ Electric: Feb 2021 Product Release Update

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What’s New @ Electric: Feb 2021 Product Release Update

Read Time: 4 minutes Published: February 25, 2021

The Electric Product Team is always working to improve our existing offering to our customers. Check out what the product team has been working on this past month and a preview of what’s coming up in March 2021.

One of the most important ways we strive to make IT simpler for you to navigate is through our Turbine dashboards. Visibility into this data is only powerful and impactful for you if it’s complete and up-to-date. As well, the cleaner this data is, the faster and more seamlessly our service desk team can provide your team with support.

This month and as we look ahead, we’ve been focused on finding ways to improve how your IT inventory and request data is stored, updated, and presented to you. The goal? Ensuring that your data is updated in near real-time & that any changes to be made, require minimal to no effort on your part.

Want to see these releases in action. Login to your Turbine account here. Not yet an Electric customer? Contact us today.

Already Released

Enhanced Device States in Turbine

Your mobile device management (MDM) is only as powerful as its connection to your devices. If a device loses connection and doesn’t check-in, not only will device inventory data be inaccurate, but it’ll be vulnerable to security threats. Why have a forcefield if you aren’t going to use it right?

Your Device Management Page now includes the state of your devices including whether or not they are reporting data back to Turbine and checking into their MDM. Should a device fall into either of these states, you’ll be able to see in real-time and work with your Electric Customer Success Manager to immediately address it.

New Ticketing System: Kustomer

We are transitioning our real-time support backend to a best-in-class ticket routing system, Kustomer. We’ll also be moving email-based support to this system, ensuring all of your requests are routed through one location. This will not change how you or your users receive support from Electric. However, you will notice faster resolution times and an overall enhanced real-time support experience. This transition has already begun and will be completed through May 2021.

Location Data Has a New Home in Turbine

Your location information is moving from the Configuration Page in Turbine to its own page within the “Company” dropdown. This will not impact any of your existing data, it’s just in a new spot.

Why make the move? There are exciting changes in on/offboarding coming and this move will help to facilitate that series of exciting releases. Be sure to check out our March issue of The Current, our monthly customer newsletter, for more details!

Upcoming Releases

Automated User Mapping

Ok, so Macbook Pro 1625 is not checking into its MDM. Hmmm, who currently has Macbook 1625 again? Yea, no one has time to match a serial number or device name back to a user. This is why, back in December, Electric added an “Assign Device” feature to your Device Management Page in Turbine allowing you to quickly select from your list of users and assign a device to them with a click of a button.

But what if you have 25, 50, even hundreds of users to do this for? Well, we’ve got you covered there too. This quarter we’ll be automating your device assignment. Turbine will let you know how many unassigned devices and allow you to send an “assign device” link to all of your users without devices assigned to them, all right from inside the platform!

Helpdesk Data Now Displayed in Near Real-time

We’ve heard your feedback and want to provide you with the most real-time data so that you have full visibility into how we support you every day. We are transitioning data storage systems from periscope to Looker to do just that.

Once this transition is completed, you can expect no delay between a request being made by your employee to Electric and when it’s reporting in your Turbine dashboard.

Seamless Account Provisioning Through Google Automation

For customers with Electric-managed Google accounts— we have some exciting news for you! We are making account provisioning for new employees streamlined through Google automation.

Ok, so what does this mean exactly? Well, as you are making an onboarding request, you won’t have to remember the name of the calendar or email group you’d like a new user to be added to. Simply select it from a drop-down list which is pulling directly from your google account.

If the product release information above sounds like it could provide leverage to your organization and you’re not already an Electric Customer, then contact us to discover how we can start making IT simpler for your team.

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