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What’s New @ Electric: November 2021 Product Release Update

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What’s New @ Electric: November 2021 Product Release Update

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: December 1, 2021

November 2021 Product Release Update

The Electric Product Team is always working to improve our existing offering for our customers. Check out what the product team has been working on this past month and a preview of what’s coming up in December & January of 2021.

Did you hear the news? The holidays came early this year! In November, we launched our sleek new employee onboarding and offboarding page + a brand new People Page in Turbine! These new forms are not just more visually appealing, but they are easier to navigate for admins and come with a variety of features to customize your requests. For example, specifying how you want provisioning handled right in the form. Learn more about this release below in the “Released This Month” section.

This release is one example of the collaboration between Electric’s Product Team and our incredible customers. Your feedback directly influenced how we decided to build out this functionality. And as a company that heavily values user and admin feedback, we want to facilitate the highest levels of engagement with our surveys that we can. This is why in November we reduced the number of response options in our post-chat support survey from 5 to 3. We expect to see a 10% increase in response rate which will flood your Requests Dashboard with a greater volume of data.

Released This Month

On and Offboarding Redesign

When it comes to onboarding and offboarding requests, we’ve heard your call for enhanced status visibility. As well, we understand that no two onboardings or offboardings are the same and that each may require a custom task or two associated. So in October, we are making some vast improvements to our on/offboarding experience within Turbine – both through a redesign of the request forms and the addition of enhanced task-level visibility. Here’s what you can expect:

On/offboarding Page Will Now Be Your People Page – For now, this name transition is the only change to this page. All of the functionality, including starting a request and reviewing request history, will remain the same. However, we have big plans for this page including allowing you to take actions in Turbine by a user (ex. device assignment), on top of checking the status of their on/offboarding. Transitioning the focus of this page from just on/offboarding to more universal IT management by user is the first step.

More granular progress insights – We want to make onboarding and offboarding request status less of a black box. So we will be adding a new status page as the last step of each request that rounds up all tasks so they can be viewed in a single view before submitting. As well, we have an advanced “view progress” page for each open request. It’s great to have a percentage complete but what does that mean? Well, now you can click in to get more granular and view the stats of each task.

New design and flexibility in the request form – When submitting a request you will notice that our forms have a sleek new look and feel. This facelift is not cosmetic, its intended to make the request process more intuitive and easier to complete. We’re also going to increase the flexibility of the request creation process by allowing you to add and remove tasks from each request. As well, we will have additional customized questions unique to each SaaS application that ensure that account creation is unique to each user. Finally, we will be adding a section to the request form for additional hardware instructions, allowing you to customize the provisioning and procurement components of your requests.

Check out the release blog post for more details.

CSAT Responses Options Reduced from 5 to 3

Because we interact with your end-users daily, their feedback is a key gauge of and means to continuously improve our service. The more feedback they provide, the better we can become at serving your organization. In an effort to increase user engagement with our one-question support feedback surveys (displayed in chat at the end of each support interaction), we are reducing the number of response options from 5 to 3. In doing so, we expect to see a 10% – 20% increase in response rate. A benefit not only to Electric but to those of you conveying your Electric ROI internally.

As this change rolls out, we’ll be sharing a more detailed article on how this will change the CSAT data currently displayed on the Requests Page of your Turbine account.

Upcoming Releases

Self Authentication in IT Scorecard

Your IT Scorecard is only as powerful as the data it provides. Data that is powered by authentication of your GSuite and O365 licenses. Today, the process of authenticating these licenses is handled by our team of IT specialists on your behalf. But soon you’ll be able to authenticate these licenses yourself directly in Turbine, another way we are putting the power of IT management right at your fingertips. No need to wait on a technician.

Zoom Automation for Offboarding Requests

The latest SaaS app integration Electric is focused on is with Zoom. By integrating with your SaaS applications, Electric will be able to speed up your request completion & eliminate user or agent error. When launched, Electric will integrate with your Zoom account to ensure that all departing employee accounts are deleted on the requested offboarding date, ensuring your licences remain secure. Once deleted the license will be wiped of the departing employees data and made available for use by new or existing employees.

If the product release information above sounds like it could provide leverage to your organization and you’re not already an Electric Customer, then contact us to discover how we can start making IT simpler for your team.

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