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What’s New @ Electric: August 2022 Product Release Update

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What’s New @ Electric: August 2022 Product Release Update

Read Time: 6 minutes Published: August 30, 2022

August 2022 Product Release Update

The Electric Product Team is always working to improve our existing offering for our customers. Check out what the product team has been working on this past month and a preview of what’s coming up in September & October.

At Electric, making it simple and easy for you to use our products remains our top priority.

In that spirit, we’ve introduced two new enhancements to Turbine that will give you more enhanced visibility and automation of your most used service, Employee onboarding and offboarding. There’s now a new module right at the top of your IT Scorecard in Turbine that tells you how many onboarding and offboarding requests Electric handles for you that week. We’ve also automated the form fill process for these requests, using your employee data to fill in fields on your behalf and verify new employee emails are available for use.

What’s more? We recently launched our new Marketplace page in Turbine where you can learn about all of our additional security services Electric offers to keep your business safe, including antivirus to protect your devices against threats with cloud-based VPN for simple but secure access to your networks from anywhere. Find a service that you’d like to add to your subscription? Simply click “I’m interested” and our team will be in touch. Oh and Electric handles deployment and management of these services all on your behalf. Once you find a solution you would like to add, Electric will handle its deployment and management.

Learn more about your IT Scorecard Enhancements and our other August 2022 product and service releases below.

Released This Month

Onboarding & Offboarding Data in ITSC + New Navigation Options

Have you noticed that your IT Scorecard now has a shiny new data module? Right at the top, you’ll now see the number of active onboardings and offboarding scheduled for the week. Click on either the “onboarding” or “offboardings” buttons to see the details via the People Page.

In addition to these data enhancements, we’ve also updated our navigation bar, making the People Page more easily accessible. And, that page now features clear buttons for starting an onboarding or offboarding request.


Automated On/Offboarding Requests Using User Info

Our mission to automate your employee onboarding and offboarding request process continues. Sure, it only takes 5 to 7 minutes to fill out these request forms, but how can we reduce that even further? You’ve already given us access to your user data, so let’s put it to good use. We’re now using it to auto-populate fields and verify information, shaving off time to complete these forms and eliminating errors that may occur during their completion. So what does this look like?

  1. Emails will now be verified BEFORE you submit an onboarding request – The system will check and confirm that your requested email for a new user isn’t already taken.

  1. You can now select from a list of users to start an offboarding form – By doing this, we’ll ensure that the fields for “first name”, “last name”, “email address”, and “department” are all filled in for you, automatically.


Marketplace Launch (In Beta)

We recently launched our new Marketplace page in Turbine. This page is your go-to spot where you can learn about all of the add-on security services Electric uses to harden your environment and keep your business safe.

Need data loss protection? Our Datto BCDR solution prevents data loss from your on-premise or virtual servers. Looking for endpoint aka device security? With Malwarebytes, Electric can help keep your endpoints protected from malicious attacks. Check out the entire list of our best-in-class security solutions in our Marketplace, located right at your navigation bar.

Found a service that you’d like to add to your subscription? Simply click “I’m interested” and our team will be in touch. From there Electric will handle the deployment and management of these services all on your behalf.


Turbine Roles Modal Refresh

There are 6 different admin types within the Electric Platform, aka Turbine. Which, offers you tons of flexibility, but we understand can be confusing. “What’s the difference between an “Admin” and “Reporter” again?”

To provide better guidance when managing user permissions, we’ve revamped our Turbine Roles modal where you choose the role for each user. Each role option is now accompanied by a short description of the permissions associated within that role.


New “Company” Navigation Switch

Looking for your “company” page? In order to streamline your navigation bar, we’ve moved the settings tools you use least to the upper right-hand corner of your profile. Simply click your company name to reveal your “User management”, “Locations”, and “Configuration” pages.


Upcoming Releases

Your Apps Can Have Multiple Admins

Having a single point of failure for any process is never a good idea. This includes naming admins for your non-Electric managed apps. So, we are going to now allow you to name multiple users as app admins. What does this mean for day-to-day management? When an onboarding or offboarding request requires a task for a non-Electric managed app, a notification will go to your group of admins to manage. That way, if someone’s on vacation or out sick, you have other admins to take on the work.

Managing Approvals Within Turbine

We recently added the new “home” tab in the Electric Slack App. However, we noticed that sometimes it took a while for the page to load. To ensure that your approval process experience continues to run smoothly, we’re working to allow you to make approvals right within Turbine. No more slow page load times. No more approval clunkiness. You’ll even be able to see the history of approvals and the option to turn off Approvals in Slack/Teams. Stay tuned for this update inside your Electric app.


If the product release information above sounds like it could provide leverage to your organization and you’re not already an Electric Customer, then contact us to discover how we can start making IT simpler for your team.

The Electric Team provides real-time IT support to 25,000 users and centralized IT management to over 400 customers.

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