Why Socialfly Chose Electric to Power Their IT

Socialfly Leans on Electric to Tackle IT for Their Distributed Workforce.

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Why Socialfly Chose Electric to Power Their IT

Socialfly Leans on Electric to Tackle IT for Their Distributed Workforce.

Client Overview

Client Since: 2020
Industry: Media
Offices Supported: NY
IT Situation Prior to Electric: No IT Resource
Employees Supported: 25
Devices Supported: 22

Since 2011, co-founders Stephanie and Courtney have been on a mission to engage with female audiences and empower female leaders and entrepreneurs, both through their social media agency Socialfly, and their digital platform and podcast, Entreprenista.

Before the pandemic, Stephanie and Courtney, along with their office manager, were handling all of Socialfly’s day-to-day IT needs including on/offboarding, troubleshooting, and application + device management. As their business grew, this “de facto” style of IT became increasingly unsustainable. Each week, at least 3 members of their small 30 person team, including themselves, spent anywhere from 10 – 15 hours responding to requests, tracking down IT environment information, & even physically going to the Apple store for device support. In Stephanie’s words, it got to the point where, “some weeks our office manager was at the Apple Store at least once a week, for most of the day. That becomes expensive, losing an entire day of a crucial operational team member’s time, week after week.”

The problem only got worse when the pandemic hit, and they found themselves needing to transition their team to a remote work environment. They quickly realized that they were unprepared when it came to remote onboarding and provisioning needs, providing remote IT support, and facing the security risks that come with a growing, distributed workforce.

Socialfly made the decision to outsource their IT, turning to Electric for our expertise and ability to support their organization as it scaled. Since Electric’s model has always been to provide IT services remotely, it was the most natural fit to addressing their pressing IT needs. As well, Stephanie was drawn to how accessible Electric was to their team, who was already using Slack internally. “Courtney and I had become the bottleneck when it came to IT support, and without someone to manage IT requests, employees would spend valuable time trying to self troubleshoot. Electric has not only given us our time back, but ensures our employees can remain productive.”

After signing with Socialfly, Electric worked to give that time back to Stephanie and Courtney, and equip the team to thrive remotely, in all areas from onboarding, to device management, to security. This involved moving device tracking from spreadsheets to a platform with real-time data, and taking device management off their plates, saving them an average of eight hours a week. Electric also created a standardized process for their on/offboarding requests, and set up a seamless remote employee onboarding experience, with devices delivered right to their doors. Finally, Electric helped to prepare the team for the new security risks, with added security measures like implementing 2FA for all of their applications, and ensuring that this policy was standard across their app fleet.

Now, Stephanie and Courtney are no longer involved with the day-to-day IT struggles of their business, an area which was once a major part of their day. With this new bandwidth, they’ve been able to dedicate the time they need to launch a new product and for their business, the Entreprenista League, a platform and community designed to help entrepreneurs launch, grow and scale their businesses. “Without a doubt, Electric gave us the time back that we needed to focus on creating the Entreprenista League. This product has been a dream of ours for quite a while, but were not able to realize it when we were in the operational weeds, including managing IT.”

Technology Supported

Electric supports Socialfly’s tech stack and devices.

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Stephanie Cartin



Electric has been a crucial partner to our business, especially during the pandemic. By establishing standardized IT processes and taking day-to-day IT management off of our plate, they’ve set us up for success in continued organizational growth.

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