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IT Teams Power Business. So why be judged solely on the number of tickets you can close?

Your Team & Time Are Extremely Valuable

Your team is the engine that keeps business tools functioning, employees productive, and data secure. We know that your value shouldn’t be judged solely on the number of tickets you close, but rather by your ability to keep business moving. Let Electric take on the lower-level tasks and cross-departmental requests that bog down your team. We want to give you your time back so you can focus on the business-critical work that will let your team really shine.

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Vevo Logo

Stephen Bruno

VP of IT & Operations, Vevo

Being able to maintain a lean IT team in-house while leveraging the knowledge and bandwidth of Electric 100+ IT technicians, has been invaluable to me.

Get lower-level tasks off your plate

Instead of resetting that team’s password for the 8th time, tell them to “Chat Electric”. We’ll take it from there. Our team of 100+ IT Technicians can handle IT support requests across your entire org. Even though we are taking this work off of your plate, you’ll still have full visibility into the IT support your team is getting through Electric. Electric Admins will have access to the Electric Platform (aka “Turbine”) where they can view and filter ticket data broken down by category, user satisfaction rate, time to resolution (TTR), and category of issue or request.

Our real-time support is:

  • Accessible where your team already works (Slack or Microsoft Teams)
  • Lightning-fast (10 min or less initial response rate)
  • Human (No bots here & we’ll always introduce ourselves!)

Learn more about our real-time support capabilities >

Streamline your on/offboarding process

Your IT team plays a crucial role in the on/offboarding process, directly impacting your team’s security & employee success. But, processing these requests can become a full-time job. And, working with your HR/People team may not always be seamless. Instead, let Electric handle the operational leg work and put in a standardized process for managing requests. In the Electric Platform, you can set the parameters around which devices, applications, communication channels, and file access should be in each departmental profile. From there, your HR/People team members can make requests directly in the platform and Electric will handle the rest.

This includes:

  • Procurement & provision or de-provision of devices
  • Managing app & software credentials
  • Handling file, mail, & cloud storage access

Learn more about our on/offboarding capabilities >

Support for your strategic projects

Need to update your network? Not sure how to approach a security questionnaire? Put the power of Electric’s Professional Services Team and National Partner Network to work for you. We’ll conduct the project discovery, build a scope of work, and oversee the project’s execution. And, with each project, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will source the best possible partner for the job and manage that relationship on your behalf.

Partner with Electric for:

  • Office Moves
  • Network upgrades, buildouts, & modifications
  • New server & NAS installs
  • Email and data migrations
  • Security questionnaire support
  • Implementing identity management
  • Conferencing and hardware install
  • Workstation setup
  • Small onside projects (exp – running cables)

Learn more about our strategic project support capabilities >

Leverage our expertise

Get access to a fully loaded IT team without the fully loaded cost. Consider our expertise an extension of your own. We’ve built a team stacked with expertise across a wide variety of aspects of IT to help fill any gaps where you need support. Between our Service Desk, Professional Services, and Customer Success teams, you’ll have 100+ IT Specialists standing behind you. As well, we’ve partnered with key technology providers that help us provide you with improved IT request response time, remote troubleshooting, and visibility into your IT environment.

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