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Employee Onboarding Checklist

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Employee Onboarding Checklist

Read Time: 4 minutes Published: March 27, 2022

Finding the perfect candidate to join your team is no easy task. After an extensive recruitment process and several rounds of interviews, it can feel as though your job is finally done once an offer is accepted. In reality, however, a signed contract should signal that a whole new series of tasks is about to begin. To set your new employee up for success in their role, you need a comprehensive onboarding process. From team introductions and employee swag, to company devices and system access, this employee onboarding checklist covers all of the essentials for welcoming your new hire to the team.

Download the Employee Onboarding Checklist as a Google sheet, or keep reading for more!

Employee onboarding checklist

The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist

Pre-boarding Welcome

  • Send a welcome email confirming the new hire’s start date, time, and location
  • Request any paperwork or details that the new hire should submit in advance of their first day
  • Encourage team members to connect with the new hire on LinkedIn and send their own personal welcome emails
  • Share your employee handbook, culture decks, and any other relevant company information
  • Order new employee swag for arrival in advance of the new hire’s first day
  • Request employee ID, security cards, keys, and office access codes, if applicable
  • Prepare the new hire’s office workstation, if applicable

HR Enrollment

  • Set up payroll
  • Add the new hire to your HR system
  • Complete enrollment in benefits, insurance, and 401k plans

Device and System Access

  • Order new/re-provisioned laptop and other hardware
  • Install Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) software
  • Provision device with relevant apps and software
  • Set up email address and cloud account
  • Set up login credentials for all relevant apps and systems, and test that they work
  • Determine access levels to files and sensitive data, and set up accordingly
  • Schedule training on all technology, device, and system access policies

Remote Employees

  • Ship all equipment and employee swag to arrive prior to day one
  • Send remote welcome pack, such as a lunch delivery gift card to enjoy virtually with their new team
  • Set up VPN access
  • Ensure all welcome meetings and training sessions are set up virtually
  • Schedule additional training on remote work policy
  • Schedule virtual team-building sessions
  • Schedule additional manager check-ins during the new hire’s first day, week, and month to ensure they are supported

Day One

  • Greet the new hire on arrival and provide a tour of the office amenities, if applicable
  • Share a roadmap of the onboarding process, including all scheduled meetings and training sessions
  • Check that all equipment and credentials are working as expected
  • Introduce the new hire to their team and the wider company via email and/or messaging apps
  • Assign an onboarding buddy outside of the new hire’s immediate manager or team members
  • Book a welcome lunch and/or virtual coffee dates for informal introductions

Week One

  • Schedule 1:1 meetings with fellow team members
  • Carry out HR orientation and system training
  • Provide company overview, values, and culture training
  • Schedule job-specific training
  • Schedule recurring feedback sessions between the new hire and their manager
  • Provide cybersecurity and device management policy training
  • Schedule 30, 60 and 90-day check in plan

Month One

  • Ensure the new hire and their manager meet weekly to discuss any questions or concerns
  • Schedule an end-of-month review to exchange feedback and outline the remaining onboarding tasks
  • Set goals for the coming months and request any additional resources or equipment the new hire may need
  • Plan ongoing team-building activities and 1:1 meetings

Month Three

  • Perform a three month review and sign off on completion of probationary period, if applicable
  • Discuss progression plans and further training and educational opportunities for the new hire
  • Schedule 6 and 12 month reviews

Streamline your Employee Onboarding Checklist

Getting new hires up to speed can place a huge strain on your internal resources. But, without a structured onboarding process in place, you risk reduced employee productivity and elevated levels of turnover. Take the manual work out of employee onboarding with Electric’s Employee Onboarding Solution. Simply submit your request and we’ll handle all of the necessary hardware, access, and credential management tasks. In one central hub, you’ll be able to customize your requirements and view the status of all onboarding and offboarding requests. Get in touch to learn more!

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