What To Do When You Cannot Connect To The Company Server

Whether your business has a physical server or one on the cloud, it’s nerve wracking when you can’t access the files and folders that you need to do your job. Unfortunately, there are so many types and brands of servers; each one is built and set up a little differently, as well as having different features based on your business needs.

It’s not an easy task to run through all the reasons why you're unable to connect to your small business server, and that’s why Electric exists. Just message us through Slack, and we can ask you the right questions to get you the right answers, without taking forever.

Outside of knowing the type of small business server you are trying to access, there are a few other clues that might help resolve your problem more quickly. Consider the following as you look for the best solution.

Restart Your Computer

Even if you don’t know exactly what the problem is, chances are, turning your computer off and on again may help. We don’t know why this often works; it’s just a magic formula that mysteriously resolves 75% of tech issues. It only takes about 30 seconds, so just try and see if it works!

Follow the Error Messages

Error messages can tell you a lot. While they don’t give you step-by-step instructions on what to do, every error message will get you one step closer in the right direction. There are a few instances when an error message will tell you what’s going on or why the server cannot be reached at the moment (e.g. your password is wrong, computer is pending restart, another software installation is currently in progress, etc). But even if it doesn’t, jot down whatever error messages you are getting to narrow down your list of possible resolutions. Doing a quick Google search on the error message could bring some solutions to light.

What Is Different?

You may have connected to your small business server a hundred times without any problems, and it has become a part of your routine. But consider what’s different. Are you using a different log-in? Has the password recently been changed? Has the equipment been upgraded? Are you logging on from a new workstation? Has the internet been reset? Is the network down? Are you using the same browser?

If your company uses a cloud based business server, then it’s also possible that the problem isn’t coming from your end at all. You can almost tell right away if others are having trouble accessing the file server, and a call to the provider can possibly get things working again.

As mentioned before, there are a million and one possible reasons as to why you can’t connect to your office’s server, and trying to figure out why on your own could steal your day away, preventing you from doing your actual job. That’s why small to midsize businesses look to Electric for help. We can help with the small stuff, from troubleshooting day-to-day tech issues to sitting on the phone with your service providers to helping you onboard and offboard employees efficiently.

Electric’s whole focus is on IT, so if your company is struggling to keep up with daily IT demands, it’s time to give us a call. When your business partners with Electric, you'll have access to the world’s first all-in-one IT solution at your fingertips.

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