Why TULA Chose Electric to Power Their IT

TULA relies on Electric to make their exponential growth seamless

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Why TULA Chose Electric to Power Their IT

TULA relies on Electric to make their exponential growth seamless

Client Overview

Client Since: 2019
Industry: Cosmetics
Offices Supported: NY
IT Situation Prior to Electric: No IT Resource
Employees Supported: 100+
Devices Supported: 100+

When TULA Skincare’s unique method of approaching beauty and wellness by creating skincare products that harness the power of probiotic extracts and superfoods took the skincare industry by storm, they found themselves facing massive organizational growth. Since its founding in 2014, TULA never had a dedicated internal IT solution — instead, the brand relied on in-house team members to handle IT management and requests for their smaller and scrappy team. But with their rapid success came the need to hire quickly, and Head of Technology Ilan Levine knew that their current IT approach wouldn’t be able to keep up. “With increased growth comes increased technological needs and support demands – especially from an IT capacity. Due to our high growth rate we knew we needed to bring in a third party to ensure we were operating at peak productivity.”

More specifically, he was concerned about logistical challenges around device procurement and provisioning, time consuming onboarding processes, limited visibility into IT health, and worst of all, growing cyber threats. Rather than wait for these issues to arise with potentially disastrous repercussions, he proactively turned to Electric for help. “Electric offered us a platform that would efficiently service our IT needs and give us the tools to continue to be a high functioning and high performing team and company.”

Electric worked to lay the groundwork that would facilitate seamless growth. This included setting up a standardized process for on & offboarding and device procurement & provisioning, with devices delivered to new employees, wherever they were. Additionally, Electric provided TULA employees access to a team of 100+ support experts, who were only a slack away for any of their IT questions. This ensured that TULA’s internal team wasn’t getting bogged down by routine support requests, something that was particularly valuable to Ilan. “Electric has been integral in offering quick and convenient end-user support.”

Technology Supported

Electric supports TULA’s tech stack and devices.

TULA Skincare

Ilan Levine

Head of Technology

TULA Skincare

Despite our employee growth rate increasing exponentially, Electric has been able to address all our IT needs with no internal IT hire required, saving time for both our admins and users.

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