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The Top 15 IT Companies in 2022

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The Top 15 IT Companies in 2022

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: July 7, 2022

The right IT solutions can accelerate business growth and empower teams to achieve more with less. But, navigating the wide range of services and providers out there can be overwhelming.

As a managed IT company, Electric’s goal is to make your IT simple, secure, and lightning-fast. To achieve this, we partner with industry-leading solution providers that specialize in everything from workplace collaboration tools and device management, to cybersecurity and the cloud. We know what it takes to power small and medium-sized businesses.

The Top 15 IT Companies in 2022

What types of solutions should you focus on? How can you determine the best partners for your needs? To simplify your search, we’ve shortlisted the top 15 IT companies that business leaders should consider as they scale their organization.

Workplace Collaboration Companies

Workplace collaboration tools are vital in today’s remote and hybrid work environments. These IT companies support seamless communication so your teams can operate at peak productivity.

1. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that helps you build clear plans with detailed tasks and timelines. With Asana, teams can create project calendars, share files, provide feedback, set milestones, and coordinate work across multiple departments.

2. Box

With Box, you can send shared documents to a central workspace, make comments, assign tasks within documents, and create unified and automated workflows. With integrated e-signatures, you can also streamline approvals and key business processes.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox offers real-time content collaboration capabilities where team members can share project outlines, and add code, video, and images to team projects. The Dropbox app allows users to centralize their efforts, integrate with Slack and Zoom, and share PDFs, JPEGs, and Google Docs.

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is one of the most popular workplace collaboration tools, combining Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, and Sites. Around 3 billion users rely on Google Workspace to communicate and collaborate across shared files.

5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office equips teams to work from anywhere, from any device. Users can avail of a number of apps to attend online meetings, co-author documents in real time, share Office files, and much more.

6. Ring Central

The Ring Central app enables integrated communication experiences through messaging, video calls, and phone calls from any location. A complete online phone system with easy setup, it’s a popular choice for small businesses.

7. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging platform that powers company-wide communication and collaboration via structured channels. Various integrations are available, and team members can also use Slack for presentations, huddles, polls, and screen sharing.

8. Trello

Trello helps businesses to manage projects and planning more efficiently. With an automated robot that helps users cut repetitive or unnecessary tasks from their project boards, it supports simple, direct interactions between team members.

9. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most widely-used video meeting solutions for hybrid workspaces. The company currently records an average of 300 million daily meeting participants on its platform, and has become synonymous with remote work.

Cloud and Network Management Companies

The more software your business uses, the more administrative work involved. From configuring your cloud management securely, to maintaining network performance, these IT companies have you covered.

10. Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network platform that allows you to manage your entire distributed network infrastructure through a single interface. Benefits include scalability, efficiency, and ease of management for your IT.

11. Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Networks empowers businesses to manage all devices that are connected to the cloud, from your phone system to door access. The company democratizes professional network technology by making business-grade technology platforms more accessible.

Mobile Device Management Companies

Centralized mobile device management (MDM) ensures your company devices are healthy, protected, and up-to-date at all times. At Electric, we recommend the following IT companies for MDM.

12. Jamf

Jamf is focused on Apple device management, covering identity and access management as well as security and privacy. Their aim is to simplify Apple management and security with solutions that scale with your business.

13. Kaseya

Kaseya‘s mobile device management offers visibility and control of remote and distributed PC environments. Services include inventory management, email configuration, app management, backup, location tracking, and theft handling.

IT Cybersecurity Companies

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing concerns for small businesses today. From password management to access permissions, the following IT companies will strengthen your defense.

14. LastPass

The LastPass Authenticator offers secure password management for instant access to the websites and applications your employees interact with every day. By combining security with convenience, this solution maintains your cybersecurity without cumbersome login processes.

15. Okta

Okta enhances a business’s cybersecurity capabilities through identity access management. By implementing their multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and more, companies can significantly reduce their risk of cyber attack.

Get Help Managing Your Tech Stack

If this list sounds like a lot of solutions to implement and manage in-house, Electric is here to help. We are reinventing how businesses manage their IT through real-time support and centralized IT management. Get in touch to learn how you can achieve a 50% reduction in IT spend and standardized security across devices, apps, and networks, whether you’re on-site or remote.

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Jessica is a content writer with more than 8 years of experience covering SaaS and the tech industry. She has worked with both B2B and B2C publications across North America, Europe, and APAC and currently writes about IT Solutions or Electric.

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